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Daniela is one of our finalists for our Australian Slimmer of the Year in 2017

Daniela lost an amazing 45kg on her journey to an amazing transformation.

“You’re never alone on Cambridge Weight Plan. My Consultant worked with me every week to stay on track and helped me every step of the way”

Daniela Gashi

About Cambridge Weight Plan

Cambridge Weight Plan is an award winning, nutritionally balanced weight loss plan developed by Doctors. Designed for both men and women, Cambridge Weight Plan offers superior one to one support with a dedicated Consultant who will guide you through each step of the program to reach your weight loss goals.

Launched in 1984, and located in over 40 countries world wide, Cambridge Weight Plan is now here in Australia and we want to help you transform your life.

We provide you with:

  • Superior one to one support through a dedicated Consultant
  • An easy 6 Step program incorporating real food
  • A delicious selection of nutritionally balanced, meals, shakes, and bars.

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Michelle wanted to lose weight for her upcoming wedding with Cambridge Weight Plan.

She worked hard to lose 29 kgs and get her health back.

“I had tried almost every diet on the market without seeing results. My Cambridge Consultant was the reason I succeeded in my weight loss”

Michelle Pilkington

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